Our Process


We’ll help validate your address, negotiate pricing, negotiate your current or new contract, design a solution, and project coordinate the process with all the carriers available in the market.

· SAVE MONEY - Empower Saves your company money by negotiating with the carriers and their finance department. Our process is to create a Request for Proposal “RFP”, this process allows us to provide the carrier or carriers that meet your communications needs competitive pricing from each other and the opportunity to earn your business. 

· SAVE TIME - Instead of meeting with multiple sales reps from different providers, ETS saves you time by providing you with a proposal that has 3 - 5 quality providers that can meet your solution needs! ETS has an internal process to make sure each carrier is meeting the install and customer service requirements to meet the standards of our proposal process. We make sure that when you choose a carrier, they will not only be competitive with pricing, but they will provide you a prominent level of service and effective communication.

· EXPERIENCE - Empower brings a wealth of experience in putting together a communications proposal to meet your needs. With over 17 years of carrier experience, we know the best carrier partners, pricing, solutions, contract language, and installation process to service your communication needs.

· PROJECT COORDINATION - Empower coordinates your communication project from the proposal stage, through the installation process, and onto ensuring your first bill is correct. 

· CUSTOMER CARE - We help our customers solve tickets and communicate effectively with the communications providers, through our customer website portal or trouble ticketing system! 

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