Serving businesses and their employees is what we do at Empower Technology Solutions, and we do it with integrity, purpose and independence. We all know that just like every large body of water begins with a single drop of water, every successful business begins with a single idea and sometimes just a single person. For a body of water to thrive and grow into a larger body of water, it needs lots of single drops of water to pool together. At Empower Technology Solutions, we believe that every successful business is borne out of the collective talents of many individuals that pool their abilities and resources together with a purpose. We not only value the relationships we have with the business owners and the management teams we serve, we value all the employees we have the privilege of working with because we know that without them, there would be no business. It is that belief that guided us in how we built Empower Technology Solutions.

We believe we have a responsibility to share our pool of knowledge and expertise with other business owners and their management teams. Serving businesses and doing what it takes to earn their business, has gone away in our industry. Our priority when working with a customer is serving them by understanding their needs, challenges, and vision for their technology. business has gone away. Why? In the technology industry you will see constant change in pricing, solutions, and ideas, followed by amazing marketing material trying to trick you into why to buy. With serving in mind, we focus on consulting customers through our FREE Technology Process.  


Let’s pool our collective talents together and design the right technology plan solution for you. Why… because at Empower Technology Solutions, we’re all about the process of serving business first!

Our Process

Consulting Phase

- Complete Inventory Analysis for all communication bills. (This provides the customer an understanding of their total cost, current service details, contract end date, and any early termination penalties)

- Provide a Simple, easy to read, voice comparison & redundant or back-up carrier proposal template

- Network Diagram (VIZIO)

- Current LAN Equipment review

- Negotiation support to insure you receive the best pricing and contract terms

Post-Consulting Phase


- Project management

- Termination letter template to send to the customers current carrier

- Customer Care Support (We provide each customer with access to our CRM system to open and manage tickets for any type of Technology related issue, by simply sending an email or through our website

Additional Options


-Monthly email about new industry offerings or technology upgrades (Example: SD-WAN vs. MPLS, or Hosted vs. On Premise PBX)

- Upgrade offerings throughout the term of the customer’s contract (Example: Customer may not have Fiber now, but when it is available, we will let them know and help the customer renegotiate their service with their current provider)

-Even if you only choose one technology solution through us, we can support you and your IT team with additional projects, trouble tickets, remote support, Technology meetings, or when your team is too busy or on vacation and you need someone to stand in.